Haverford Band & Orchestra Parents

HHS Band and Orchestra Trip 2020

2020 is trip year for HHS Band and Orchestra students.  The trip will be to Virginia Beach to perform at the Festivals of Music on April 17-19, 2020.  The buses will leave from Haverford High School the morning of Friday, April 17th and will return to the high school on Sunday evening April 19th.  Friday, April 17th will be an excused absence for students attending the trip. Students will be required to have each of their teachers sign a notification form prior to the trip so that teachers are made aware of student absence and student is aware of any missed work/assignments. 

The school district permission form is located here and is due back to the students Music Director no later than March 27, 2020.

 A draft itinerary for the trip can be found here

The cost will be $665 per student. 

If your student plans on attending this trip you will need to setup an online account/ Individual Payment System (IPS account) to register your student, and make payments, for the trip.  This account will need to be set up by October 25th.  The IPS account setup and payment information can be found here.

The initial deposit of $170 will need to be made through the IPS account by October 15th. For late registrants first payment will be due at registration. 

IPS Account:
Payments must be made through the IPS account via VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER Credit/Debit Card or VISA/MasterCard Reloadable Prepaid Card (available at your local financial institution) and will be automatically deducted from your selected card on the payment due dates ($170 on: 15OCT, 15NOV, 03FEB and remaining balance of $155 on 02MAR).

Trip Accounts:
Trip fees can be covered by using funds from your students BOPs Trip Account. It is important that you plan accordingly with your fundraising as trip fees will be sent to the travel company on only two set dates prior to the trip.  Families wishing to use Trip Account funds to cover some or all of their trip cost will have until December 31st to accrue money in their student's Trip Account by participating in fundraising through the purchase of OnLine Scrip (http://www.hhsmusic.org/giftcards.html) and Grocery Scrip (http://www.hhsmusic.org/scrip.html).  Take advantage of the annual OnLine Scrip Bonus...during the months of November and December, the entire rebate amount is applied to Trip Accounts!  In all other months, the rebate is split 50/50 between BOPs and the student Trip Accounts.  An email should be sent to Wendy McCall: tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org to inquire about your student trip account balance and/or to specify the amount that you would like to allocate to this trip.  

Trip Account Disbursements

Two payments are planned from students' Trip Accounts directly to the Trip Company for our Virginia Beach excursion.  You must contact the Trip Accounts Manager, Wendy McCall, at tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org with your request to use these funds.  Deadlines for requesting use of Trip Account funds are Sunday, October 9th and Sunday, January 5th, in order for payments to be made on time.  Plan accordingly to avoid late payment fees.  BOPs will not reimburse families directly for this trip.  Please be aware that the travel company has a no refund policy.

Additional Costs:
Students will need to eat breakfast on Friday before leaving for the trip and bring money for lunch on their own Saturday while spending the day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.  Additional spending money may be sent with your student at your discretion. 

This trip will have a student to chaperone ratio of 25:1. Students will be supervised while in transit, at group meals, at the performance event and at the award ceremony.  Saturday, students will be free to spend on their own at the amusement park.  They will have the contact information of their chaperone, who will have the contact information for the Directors and the School Administrator. Chaperones will also be responsible for ensuring that their assigned students are accounted for in their rooms at lights out each night. Students will be notified of their chaperone prior to trip departure. Chaperone information page here.

Rooming Assignments:

Were due to the Directors 31 JAN. If your student does not yet have a room assignment, please have them see their Director immediately.
Students will self select their roommates in groups of four.  Mr. Hart and Mr. Brennan will notify students when they will begin accepting room assignments.  Students will then be required to come as a group to their Director to register for their room. Rooms cannot be changed once selected so students are encouraged to choose wisely.  Please contact Mr. Hart or Mr. Brennan directly should you have any concerns about your student or this process.

Packing List:
A packing list for the trip can be found here. Parents and guardians, it is your responsibility to make sure that your student is packing everything they should, and leaving out anything they shouldn't.

Medical Considerations/Special Concerns:
A medical professional and a school administrator will be traveling with our group.  Please contact Mr. Hart or Mr. Brennan with any special concerns and they will connect you with the appropriate person.

Trip Insurance:
Trip insurance is optional but is highly recommended by Bob Rogers Travel through Travel Insured International.  Information on and instructions to purchase travel insurance can be found through this link. To purchase the protection plan for your student, with or without 'Cancel for Any Reason', please use this link: AgencyLink Home
You must purchase this optional trip insurance within 14 days of initial deposit (October 30th, 2019 for most).

Important Dates:
    October 25, 2019: Last date to Register (Registration Deadline extended from Oct 12th to Oct 25th)
    November 15, 2019: Second payment of $170 due (credit card charged directly by IPS)
    December 31, 2019: Last day to accrue money into students Trip Account for this trip
    January 5, 2020: Deadline to contact Wendy McCall (tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org) to request Trip Account funds to be sent in second check
    February 3, 2020: Third payment of $170 due (credit card charged directly by IPS)
    March 2, 2020: Final payment/ trip balance of $155 due (credit card charged directly by IPS)

All communication about the trip will be done through email, so if you don't receive emails from BOPs already then please sign up here.

Still Have Questions?
Please email tripinfo@hhsmusic.org