Haverford Band & Orchestra Parents

HHS Band and Orchestra Trip 2020


September 4, 2020

Thank you, parents.  You were excited for the trip (pre-COVID) and equally patient with the refund process (during COVID).  This week you should have received an email from Bob Rogers Travel <ipshelp@bobrogerstravel.com> stating the exact amount you are being refunded.  You may have looked at that email with relief that funds are on their way, or disappointment that some funds were lost.  This email is to serve as a reminder of this journey and to hopefully help explain a bit more.

Back in March, BOPs asked BRT to push pause on collecting the final payment.  We had deep concerns that COVID was not going to go away in time.  This meant that the final payment was never charged to your credit card.  For most families, that final payment saved was around $300.  In stopping that final payment from hitting credit cards, we were then dealing with a refund for the portion of the trip, not the full amount.  As you look at your refund, please remember that this amount is about 57% of your PAID trip money.  If you have credit card statements that show you were charged more than what is being reported, kindly reach out to BRT.  Again, they are only refunding a percentage of what you actually paid, not the original entire trip cost since the final payment was never charged.  The percentage not refunded is a reflection of BRT expenditures to vendors on our behalf that can not be recovered as well as 8 months of operational costs incurred in the BRT office.  If you consider the entire cost of the trip ($665 per student) and the percentage refunded for what was actually paid vs what was never charged in the final payment, that is almost an 80% retention of the total trip cost. 

Please let BOPs know if you have additional questions.  Never did we dream that volunteerism meant refunds during a pandemic but we are gladly working to close this on behalf of all students and chaperones!

August 6, 2020

Thank you for being a valuable supporter of our music program.  Our trip was unique to our school with many details and moving parts.  The planning process started many months ago.  Once we selected our destination, Bob Rogers Travel began creating an itinerary, negotiating with vendors, securing transportation, and continued coordinating several other aspects through to when final payments to vendors were made.  They have worked diligently on our behalf for many months to plan the perfect experience. We were heartbroken that our trip this spring was cancelled.

There were several vendors involved in the components of our trip.  Bob Rogers Travel has long standing, loyal, and exclusive relationships with most of the suppliers involved in our travel program and we are grateful for the way they navigated this delicate situation.  BOPs has spent a great deal of time since February interacting on your behalf with the team at Bob Rogers Travel and we can safely announce that the negotiations with vendors are now complete!

What to Expect Next--

You will receive 2 emails:
  1. The first will come from Bob Rogers Travel, finalizing the refund process (wording will be included for both situations - those who did and did not purchase "Cancel for Any Reason Insurance").  You should see this email in the next day or so. 
  2. The second will be system generated to confirm contact information for your refund.
Refund Amounts--

No individual is receiving a 100% refund as you likely imagined but we are excited at what we were able to recoup given the fragility of the pandemic with businesses and the fact that group travel often offers special pricing and unique experiences to accommodate and enrich the scope of the trip.  Group purchases do not work the same as individual travelers.  Many terms, conditions, and refund policies changed during this economic time and we are pleased that vendors worked with us on refunds.  Bob Rogers Travel never wavered in their commitment to get as much back as possible.  The refund amount is an excellent output of their management of our account.

Due to the amount of time that has lapsed since the first payment, Bob Rogers Travel is not able to refund money directly to credit cards.  Instead, they will be mailing individual checks to each of you.  If you paid via your trip account, a check will be sent to the treasurer to credit individuals appropriately.  Please watch for an email asking you to confirm your name and mailing address. We expect everyone will have their checks in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thank you again for your support and patience during this time. # # #

July 27, 2020

Bob Rogers Travel is working through the list of refunds due to schools who were participating in a March or April trip.  Haverford High School is in the queue and each day, gets a little closer to completion! 

If you filed a claim because you bought "Cancel for Any Reason" trip insurance, you may have received an email suggesting your claim was going to close in xx number of days.  We inquired about this and received this response: 

"Claimants have 15 months from date of loss to finalize their claims – the email that these individuals received indicates that the claim will be put to the side on their end, but it states that they may reopen the claim by contacting TII (Travel Insured) with necessary documents anytime within 15 months of loss and the claim can be closed out. This is an automated email that TII sends out and no cause to worry."

We will keep you updated.  Please continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if you have any questions.


Parents, many thanks for your continued patience.  It’s been a long path, but we have a light marking the end of the process!   We received word today that the expected refund for Haverford HS has shown up on the credit-card refund preview report at Bob Rogers Travel (BRT) and that they anticipate receiving that check from the credit card company by the end of July, if not sooner.
As a reminder, once the refund is in hand at BRT, Travelers will a reimbursement check mailed directly to them from BRT.    A few steps must take place before refunds are received:  

1. BRT needs to get the refund in hand from the credit card company (expected to occur in the next few weeks)
2. BRT and BOPs need to reconcile Travelers to their refund amounts (this is in-process).
3. Travelers will receive an email from BRT confirming the reimbursement check-mailing address.
4. Checks will be mailed from BRT to Travelers to the confirmed mailing address.

Thank you all very much for your continued patience.  Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend.  We will continue to keep you informed by email as we near the refund date.

--Please continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if you have any questions.  

Thank you for your patience as we work through this process. We understand that it is taking longer than anyone may have anticipated -- we can't even imagine the sheer number of tour companies – both student and vacation travel – that have had to cancel trips on behalf of their travelers, compounded with massive furloughs of employees in the travel and hospitality industry reducing the amount of people available at the venues to help with refunds. BRT has always kept their eye on the most favorable outcome for our HHS BOPs trip participants and we are so thankful.

As mentioned and to date, we are waiting on just one of the vendors that would have been a part of the Haverford HS trip to refund the monies that BRT paid on our behalf. While we don’t have a specific date on that, this vendor is actively refunding trips based on departure date. BRT has begun receiving refunds for their March groups and we expect that the April groups (that's us!) will not be far behind.

Again, thank you for your patience. We will continue to keep the BOPs community apprised of the situation as we learn more. You have been and continue to be a priority.

Please continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if you have any questions.

Good Morning Trip Families,
As of today, we are still waiting on the final refund from one vendor. BRT has now escalated their request in the refund process to close this as soon     as possible. As mentioned in the May 12th BOPs blast, this is a significant amount of money. As soon as BRT receives the check, you will get                  communication

      As of today, our next steps remain the same--
    1. BRT will receive the final check from the last vendor.
    2. BOPs will finalize/reconcile names to amounts with BRT (we are working on this step while waiting for #1).
    3. Trip participants will get an email from BRT with steps to initiate the refund process.
    4. Checks will be mailed to participants
  We will email a few more times to talk through the refund steps as soon as we learn the final check is with BRT.

  Please continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if you have any questions. 

The refund process continues to be successful thanks to the unwavering efforts of Bob Rogers Travel (Dirk and Jamie!). BRT has received checks from all but 1 vendor which is sending a significant promised amount of money. As soon as BRT receives the check, you will get communication! They are hopeful to process refund checks to families by the end of May. We are learning that so many trips are actually getting very little to nothing back and we are happy to report the opposite.

Here is what you can expect next:
  1. BRT will receive the final check from the last vendor.
  2. BOPs will finalize/reconcile names to amounts with BRT (we are working on this step while waiting for #1).
  3. Trip participants will get an email from BRT with steps to initiate the refund process.
  4. Checks will be mailed to participants.
We will email a few more times to talk through the refund steps as soon as we learn the final check is with BRT.

Please continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org email if you have any questions.

Refund update-Our travel company, Bob Rogers Travel (BRT), is just about finished with the retrieval process from the vendors and this alert comes about 2 weeks sooner than expected. We are deeply thankful for their urgency on our behalf. We should hear updated information next week and be able to communicate the details, plan of action for refunds, and any next steps if required. Hang in there - we are in the final lap of this race and appreciate your patience. Continue to use the tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if you have any additional questions so that we can allow BRT to spend all their time completing this process for us

Please click here for a Q&A document regarding the Virginia Beach trip cancellation and pending refunds

We have some updated information regarding the refund process and the insurance claims for your trip to Virginia.

For those of you that have Cancel for Any Reason Insurance through Travel Insured, you will need to start your claim at your earliest convenience. Bob Rogers Travel has already alerted Travel Insured that the Haverford tour to Virginia Beach has been cancelled. After you have started your claim, you will simply need to be patient, as there is nothing more that can be done until the refund from Bob Rogers Travel has been received. Once we’ve confirmed the amount of the refund with the boosters, we will follow up with Travel Insured and provide them will all the necessary documents required by Travel Insured from us. Upon physical receipt of the refund, you are able to continue with the insurance claim and request the 75% refund of the difference between what you paid and what was already returned by Bob Rogers Travel.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to: tripinfo@hhsmusic.org

We received and approved the sending of a great video that BRT is sending out to travelers this week.  Given a BOPs email was sent by Leslie last week (non-trip related) and the fact that they are communicating the same information we would have, we decided to hold off on our email we mentioned to you last week.  We simply don't want to overwhelm the receiver.  Below is the link to the video being sent - we will also update our website with the same info.  We are pleased to see that not only is BRT hearing back from so many vendors, but they have recovered over 50% of the refund costs to date.  Once all is secured, Dirk will work with Catherine and I on getting those funds back to HHS.  Everyone is working as quickly as possible knowing that many have lost their job and could use these funds.  Thank you for your trust and patience in the process! 

We touched base with BRT about the cancelled trip and want to send a share a bit of good news. BRT has heard from about 90% of the vendors involved in the trip itinerary. They are waiting for a few replies before preparing final information for us. There will be a refund coming but we must patiently wait for the last vendors before communicating concluding details. Once a refund amount is calculated, it will take several weeks (likely 8-10 weeks for the refund to arrive to school then be distributed to families) but we will continue to send updates as we learn more. We are still asking for families to be patient. BRT is working hard to close this unfortunate situation on our behalf amidst the same constraints COVID-19 offers the rest of us.
If you have any questions, feel free to email tripinfo@hhsmusic.org. Rest assure, we are diligently pursuing the best for everyone as each day presents new challenges!

23-March-2020: Email from Bob Rogers Travel
We regret to inform you that the Haverford High School trip to Virginia Beach has been cancelled by the administration. We know this is a challenging time for everyone, so below you’ll find some important information regarding next steps and refunds:

•    All of our vendors (including hotel, motor coach, meals, attractions, etc.) have been paid in full for your trip, but we are advocating on your behalf with the vendors to secure the highest possible refund for your group. Due the volume of cancellations our vendors are dealing with, it may take the next 4-8 weeks to determine what is possible. 

•    If you have purchased Cancel for Any Reason Insurance (CFAR) then you will need to contact Travel Insured directly to start the claim by emailing claims@travelinsured.com or calling 1-800-243-3174 (option #3)
            You will need to wait to finish processing the claim until you receive any refund amount from BRT.

•    If you purchased the CFAR insurance you would have received an email conformation from Travel Insured. If you are unsure if you purchased CFAR insurance, you will need to contact Travel Insured by emailing customercare@travelinsured.com or calling 1-800-243-3174. We are a separate entity from Travel Insured and we do not have access to your insurance information.

We will continue to update your group leader as we have updates. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work through this unprecedented situation. Questions regarding this trip can be directed to tripinfo@hhsmusic.org

To learn more about our response to the COVID-19 crisis, and get answers to frequently asked questions visit https://bobrogerstravel.com/covid19/

BRT has a no refund policy, however, given this unprecedented situation, BRT has agreed to work diligently with BOPs Trip Coordinators to secure a refund, if possible. The exact percentage of refund will not be known for approximately eight weeks as BRT must seek reimbursement from their vendors on our behalf.  We are committed to clear communication and will share all information as soon as it is made known.  

Questions regarding this trip should be made through tripinfo@hhsmusic.org. Given that potential refunds for this trip are being negotiated with vendors for the group as a whole, Bob Rogers Travel has requested that parents and guardians of travelers do not call BRT directly but rather contact their school trip coordinators.  As you can imagine, the volume of cancellations is quite overwhelming for BRT at this time. If they are flooded with additional calls their ability to chase refunds is further delayed.  Again, all questions should be directed to the BOPs Trip Coordinators through tripinfo@hhsmusic.org if not explained in the BRT email on Monday March 23rd
Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.


The school district permission form is located here and is due back to the students Music Director no later than March 27, 2020.

COVID 19: A Message from Bob Rogers Travel (BRT)

 A draft itinerary for the trip can be found here

The cost will be $665 per student. 

If your student plans on attending this trip you will need to setup an online account/ Individual Payment System (IPS account) to register your student, and make payments, for the trip.  This account will need to be set up by October 25th.  The IPS account setup and payment information can be found here.

The initial deposit of $170 will need to be made through the IPS account by October 15th. For late registrants first payment will be due at registration. 

IPS Account:
Payments must be made through the IPS account via VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER Credit/Debit Card or VISA/MasterCard Reloadable Prepaid Card (available at your local financial institution) and will be automatically deducted from your selected card on the payment due dates ($170 on: 15OCT, $180 on 15NOV, and remaining balance of $315 on 20MAR).

Trip Accounts:
Trip fees can be covered by using funds from your students BOPs Trip Account. It is important that you plan accordingly with your fundraising as trip fees will be sent to the travel company on only two set dates prior to the trip.  Families wishing to use Trip Account funds to cover some or all of their trip cost will have until December 31st to accrue money in their student's Trip Account by participating in fundraising through the purchase of OnLine Scrip (http://www.hhsmusic.org/giftcards.html) and Grocery Scrip (http://www.hhsmusic.org/scrip.html).  Take advantage of the annual OnLine Scrip Bonus...during the months of November and December, the entire rebate amount is applied to Trip Accounts!  In all other months, the rebate is split 50/50 between BOPs and the student Trip Accounts.  An email should be sent to Wendy McCall: tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org to inquire about your student trip account balance and/or to specify the amount that you would like to allocate to this trip.  

Trip Account Disbursements

Two payments are planned from students' Trip Accounts directly to the Trip Company for our Virginia Beach excursion.  You must contact the Trip Accounts Manager, Wendy McCall, at tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org with your request to use these funds.  Deadlines for requesting use of Trip Account funds are Sunday, October 9th and Sunday, January 5th, in order for payments to be made on time.  Plan accordingly to avoid late payment fees.  BOPs will not reimburse families directly for this trip.  Please be aware that the travel company has a no refund policy.

Additional Costs:
Students will need to eat breakfast on Friday before leaving for the trip and bring money for lunch on their own Saturday while spending the day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.  Additional spending money may be sent with your student at your discretion. 

This trip will have a student to chaperone ratio of 25:1. Students will be supervised while in transit, at group meals, at the performance event and at the award ceremony.  Saturday, students will be free to spend on their own at the amusement park.  They will have the contact information of their chaperone, who will have the contact information for the Directors and the School Administrator. Chaperones will also be responsible for ensuring that their assigned students are accounted for in their rooms at lights out each night. Students will be notified of their chaperone prior to trip departure. Chaperone information page here.

Rooming Assignments:

Were due to the Directors 31 JAN. If your student does not yet have a room assignment, please have them see their Director immediately.
Students will self select their roommates in groups of four.  Mr. Hart and Mr. Brennan will notify students when they will begin accepting room assignments.  Students will then be required to come as a group to their Director to register for their room. Rooms cannot be changed once selected so students are encouraged to choose wisely.  Please contact Mr. Hart or Mr. Brennan directly should you have any concerns about your student or this process.

Packing List:
A packing list for the trip can be found here. Parents and guardians, it is your responsibility to make sure that your student is packing everything they should, and leaving out anything they shouldn't.

Medical Considerations/Special Concerns:
A medical professional and a school administrator will be traveling with our group.  Please contact Mr. Hart or Mr. Brennan with any special concerns and they will connect you with the appropriate person.

Trip Insurance:
Trip insurance is optional but is highly recommended by Bob Rogers Travel through Travel Insured International.  Information on and instructions to purchase travel insurance can be found through this link. To purchase the protection plan for your student, with or without 'Cancel for Any Reason', please use this link: AgencyLink Home
You must purchase this optional trip insurance within 14 days of initial deposit (October 30th, 2019 for most).

Important Dates:
    October 25, 2019: Last date to Register (Registration Deadline extended from Oct 12th to Oct 25th)
    November 15, 2019: Second payment of $170 due (credit card charged directly by IPS)
    December 31, 2019: Last day to accrue money into students Trip Account for this trip
    January 5, 2020: Deadline to contact Wendy McCall (tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org) to request Trip Account funds to be sent in second check
    March 20, 2020: Final payment/ trip balance of $350 due (credit card charged directly by IPS)

All communication about the trip will be done through email, so if you don't receive emails from BOPs already then please sign up here.

Still Have Questions?
Please email tripinfo@hhsmusic.org