Haverford Band & Orchestra Parents


Thank you for your willingness to perform duties of chaperone on this trip. At this time, it is important that you do three things:

1. Request the day off work on Friday, April 17th (travel day)

2, Mark your calendar for luggage drop off the evening of Thursday April 16th, time TBD, as your assistance will be needed this evening to collect forms, luggage and assist with loading the truck. This is also a chance to meet your travel groups and their parents when they drop off luggage.

3. Obtain your clearances as soon as possible through this link: https://www.haverford.k12.pa.us/departments/department-of-pupil-services/volunteer-information-clearances

Room Assignments/Travel Groups:
As a chaperone you will be assigned 4-5 rooms of 4 students each (16-20 students).  We will do our best to assign you to your child’s room (unless this is not preferred).  You may trade rooms with another chaperone if it is agreeable to both.  To do this, you will just need to let me know before April 15th. Chaperone room assignments will not be determined/finalized until a few weeks before the trip. These will be sent by email and I will ask that you reply back so that I can confirm receipt. 

Group Text: Students
Your responsibility will be to collect student cell phone numbers for your assigned rooms, start a group chat and communicate with your assigned rooms over the course of the three day trip.  You will communicate report times of events and send changes/reminders as needed.  Students in your group will have your cell number in case of emergency.

Group Text: Adults
You will also be included in a chaperone text chat which will include the directors, the medical liaison and the high school administrator that will be traveling with us.

Bed Checks:
You will be responsible for bed check for each of your rooms/students each evening.  More instructions on this to follow as they will be disseminated by the Directors and the school administrator.
As a reminder, chaperones are not permitted to drink alcohol while on the trip.
If you have any concern about your ability to perform these duties, please notify us as soon as possible.  Finally, please let us know of any additional information that can be added to this list.  If you have a question, chances are, someone else is wondering the same thing.

Catherine Frank
Teresa Yacono
Virginia Beach Trip Coordinators