Haverford Band & Orchestra Parents

Music Trips

Each year, some Haverford instrumental musicians take a trip. In odd-numbered years, middle-school musicians take a day-long trip to a music festival. In the even-numbered years, high-school musicians take a 4-day trip to an adjudicated music festival. You can help pay for these trips – and help fund BOPs activities – in a variety of ways. See the How to Help page. It's never too early to start adding to your trip accounts through BOPs fundraising activites.

What are trip accounts?

A BOPs trip account is money each student/family "earns" through BOPs fundraising activities – from purchasing grocery scrip or gift cards and participating in any BOPs fundraising activity. Trip-account money can be "spent" for the cost of biennial trips, annual activity fees and the senior banquet.

The trip-account manager maintains records of all fundraising amounts that are designated to individual students/families. Monies stay with the family. If the oldest child does not spend all money in the family trip account, it rolls over to younger siblings. Any balance after the youngest graduates, is contributed to the BOPs general fund.

BOPs fundraisers benefit the general fund as well as individual students/families. In trip years, BOPs officers often vote that 100% of fundraising monies during November and December go to individual trip accounts. Watch for an email announcing this opportunity.

How does it work?

Fundraising chairs submit an accounting of who has participated and how much should be credited to an individual student as a result of sales or work on their behalf. In addition, the trip-account manager credits individual/family purchases of grocery scrip and gift cards.

Your family earns 3% of the amount of grocery scrip purchased. Gift card purchases vary from 4% to 10%. Shop with Scrip, the BOPs gift card vendor, also runs specials with bonus earnings. Learn more on our fundraising page. BOPs earns the same percentage for each of your purchases to help us support our music programs.

Credits can add up. For example, your family buys/sells the following in October:

     Grocery scrip of $400 earns 3% 400 x .03 = $12
     Gift card purchases, which vary in the % earned (for example) $15
     Pancake breakfast tickets (for example) each earn the family $4.50 10 tickets sold = $45
Total in your trip account = $72

Monthly or quarterly reports are made to the treasurer and amounts are made available to individual parents upon request. If you would like to know what is in your family's trip account, email Wendy McCall: tripaccounts@hhsmusic.org